This page will explain how a shop page is set up in WordPress. Make sure you have Woocommerce installed.

Create a shop page

GO TO WP Admin > Pages > Add new

First, create a new page. Name it as you want but remember that this will be your main shop page name.


Items inside the main shop page

The main shop page should be left unpopulated by items, shortcodes or builder content. The page populates automatically once it is set up.

Assigning the shop page

GO TOWP Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Products

On this page you will notice a dropdown menu labeled as Shop Page with all of the pages on your website. Select a previously created page there.

Quick Tip!

Set further options!

It’s worth to create another pages for cart etc. and assign them in Advanced settings of WooCommerce. You will avoid common mistake and save much time with resolving it!
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