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Post Options

Post options. You will find them after you edit a post inside Wordpress.

Single Post

GO TO WP Admin > Posts > Add new


  • Hide The Content

    It will hide the content that is inserted in the WordPress editor from the frontend. It is mostly used with the SEO>>BUILDER option for the WordPress editor. This helps plugins like Yoast SEO to see the content built with the Muffin Builder.

  • Layout

    Local options for setting the sidebar position. You can use global sidebar settings in theme options to not set it for each page individually.

  • Sidebar

    Select first sidebar

  • Sidebar 2nd

    Select second sidebar

  • Template

    Choose between: default, intro header & builder.

  • Media

  • Slider

    Set either Slider Revolution or Layer Slider from the dropdown list. You can also use the shortcode option if you want to use another slider.

  • Video

    Add a video as a feature image for your post from Youtube/Vimeo (only ID of video) or upload as a HTML5 video in .mp4 format

    Please remember to set the post format to video. This will allow you to set a video iframe instead of a featured image

  • Header Image

    Upload an image for a header background

  • Subheader Image

    Upload an image for a subheader background


  • Subheader | Hide

    Hide the subheader on single post

  • Content | Remove Padding

    This creates a space below the header so the content has some distance from it. You can disable it locally for each page or globally in theme options>global>advanced

  • Featured Image | Hide

    Hide Featured Image in post details


  • External Link

    Display provided link in the heading of the article. Requires changing a Post Format to Link

  • Background Color

    The background color of a single post
    Made for for Blog Layout: Masonry Tiles & Template: Intro

  • Intro | Options

    Several options to turn on for Template: Intro Header

  • Light - if your intro image is bright, you should turn it on, it will make your text darker to be visible
  • Full Screen - your intro header image will be covering whole screen
  • Parallax - attach a parallax effect into the intro header image
  • Background size: Cover - resize the background image to cover the entire container


  • SEO | Title

    The title of your post which will be displayed while linking it

  • SEO | Description

    The description of your post which will be displayed while linking it

  • SEO | Keywords

    Keywords for a search engines, like google

  • Open Graph | Image

    The image of your post which will be displayed while linking it


  • Default Template

    It's just a default wordpress template, you shouldn't use the Muffin Builder or any page builder here.
    It's recommended to use the Gutenberg or the Wordpress Classic Editor to provide the content.

  • Builder

    Using this template will allow you to use the Muffin Builder items inside the content

    It's removing functionalities like featured image and comments.

  • Intro Header

    Header image on the top of the page, with full-width option and title with description on it, this template based on the Builder, so it will not include the featured image and comments.


Header Image in the Intro Header

You have to upload the header image for this feature, the feature image will not be inserted there
Try it now