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Theme License

When purchasing Betheme on Themeforest, you have two licensing options available. You can choose between regular & extended versions of the license. Almost all users will be happy with the regular license alone. You can see the difference between them on this Envato page.

The license key purchase, invoicing, bulk purchases, and refunds are all processed by Envato.

Dos and don'ts


What does the regular license provide?

  • Lifetime use of Betheme.
  • Creation of one single end product for you or your client.
  • Updates of the theme and bundled plugins.
  • Modification of the theme, including third-party plugins and scripts.
  • An option is to transfer the license key to your client at any given fee, as long as it is used in one end product.

What can you not do with the regular license?

  • You cannot use it on more than one end product.
  • You cannot re-distribute Betheme as your product.
  • You cannot use the Betheme or Muffin Group logo or any trademarks associated with the Muffin Group.
  • You cannot use parts of the theme in other end products.

License key transfer

We understand that most users build websites for clients, and there is a need to move the end product to a target domain. In this case, please follow these steps:

  1. Use your license key to register the staging website - where you develop your project.
  2. When the website is ready, and you want to transfer it, deregister the license key from the Betheme dashboard
  3. Move the theme to your client's server. We suggest using the Duplicator plugin for that.
  4. Once the website is transferred, register it with a new license key or the previous one you used for development.
Quick Tip!

Theme is not registered?

Please remember that the licensing terms say that if you install Betheme - or any theme - you need to have it registered at all times. If you are in a process of moving the project to another server, then it is fine or even necessary to have it deregistered for a while. If you are left with an unregistered instance of Betheme, remember to remove the theme folder completely.

One license for multiple websites

This is possible, especially when you develop many websites for your clients at once. You do not have to buy a license for every installation. This is how to do it:

  • You can use a single license key for multiple subdomains or subfolders. Create a domain (, which would be your primary (parent) domain. Then add unlimited subdomains ( or subfolders ( and use the same license key to register all of the Betheme instances on the primary domain.
  • Wordpress multisite option also allows for using once license key for unlimited instances of Betheme.
Quick Tip!

Still need to deregister!

Remember that even if you are developing the website on a subdomain or a subfolder, you still need to deregister the license key before moving the end product to another server. Your client also needs to use a different license key. In this case, a new purchase will be necessary.

License manager

Removed the theme folder without deregistering it first?

If you do that, the license key will not be deregistered automatically. It will still be registered on that domain in our database. In this case, you need to go to our license manager page at For more details, about the tool usage, please visit

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