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How to create a Single Product layout?

With version 25, we have added the WooBuilder. This is nothing but the Muffin Builder with elements prepared specially for the WooCommerce. You can use it as frontend or backend editor just like while creating any other page or post.

Similar to the Shop page, Single Product layout can be created in 2 ways. The faster and easier way is to set one of the pre-defined layouts and configure a few options like gallery style or thumbnails position in Betheme > Theme Options > Blog, Portfolio & Shop > Shop > Single Product section.

The second method gives you much more control over the creation of your Single Product page. In order to create your own product page, go to the Templates > Single product section and click Add new button to start creating custom template.
templates - single product

At this point, you can decide if you want to build the website with the Live Builder or backend editor. Of course, you can switch between them at any time.

Apart from the elements available for building standard pages, for creating the Single Product page, we have added 13 extra items. These items are marked with the woo sign in the upper right corner of the item.

single product template
When you are done building your custom Single Product page, before its update, the popup with Conditions will appear. In this step, you can choose where you would like this custom template to appear. You can include & exclude whole pages, product categories or tags. Thanks to this, you can set different templates for different single products.
display conditions shop page
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