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Page Options

The first section in the page options is the Muffin Builder. Since it is very complex we have created a separate page just for it, you can check it here.

  • Custom Header Template

    Select the header template for the current page made with Header Builder 2.0.

  • Custom Footer Template

    Select the footer template for the current page made with Footer Builder.


  • Hide the content

    It will hide the content that is inserted in the WordPress editor from the frontend. It is mostly used with the SEO>>BUILDER option for the WordPress editor. This helps plugins like Yoast SEO to see the content built with the BeBuilder. You can check more about this feature here.

  • Layout

    Local options for setting the sidebar position. You can use global sidebar settings in theme options to not set it for each page individually.

  • Sidebar

    Choose which sidebar you want to load on the page.


  • Slider

    Set either Slider Revolution or Layer Slider from the dropdown list. You can also use the shortcode option if you want to use another slider.

  • Subheader

    Set a different subheader background just for this page.


  • One page

    Option will allow you to use smooth scrolling. Enable it while using one page.

  • Content Remove Padding

    This creates a space below the header so the content has some distance from it. You can disable it locally for each page or globally in theme options>global>advanced

  • Custom Layout

    Select a layout you want t use on this page. It will let you use another logo, layout, header etc. You can create those layouts in our layout custom post type. More information about layouts here.

  • Custom Menu

    select and use a different menu.


Basic SEO settings are enabled in BeTheme. You can fill them for each page or globally in theme options>SEO

Custom CSS

Allows you to place your custom CSS code, especially for the current page.

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