How can i get back to the old Muffin Builder? – Betheme Support Center

How can i get back to the old Muffin Builder?

Because the old Muffin Builder was already very outdated, we decided to rebuild it according to the suggestions of regular users.

As we are aware that not everyone is happy because several things have undergone a general reconstruction and return to the previous version is impossible, at the request of some regular users, we have added 2 extra options that will make the new Muffin Builder3 version look very similar to the old one.

muffin builder 3 settings

For that, please click on Settings icon located in the right bottom corner of Muffin Builder. When the window will pop up, please do the following:

muffin builder 3 settings simple view
  • Turn ON Simple View
  • Turn OFF Hover Effects

After setting these two options, your backend builder will look identical to its previous version.

Try it now