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Slider Revolution is not showing up on mobile devices

If you do not see your Slider Revolution slider on mobile devices, please check a couple of options in the plugin first.

GO TOWordpress Admin > Slider Revolution

Choose your slider and select MODULE GENERAL OPTIONS tab, then click on General

slider mobile general

Scroll down the options list to find Disable On Mobile & Hide Under Browser Width...
From here you are able to enable/disable the slider on mobile devices or hide the slider under certain browser width.

slider mobile general hide option

Please also check the SLIDE OPTIONS tab, and click the progress options icon. There is also an option to disable a slide on mobile devices.

slider mobile visibility
Quick Tip!

Something is still wrong?

If you have done everything correctly and the slider still has some issues, for example, it does not show all of the layers on mobile devices, please visit the official Revolution Slider documentation page regarding this topic.
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