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Why BeBuilder content does not save?

BeBuilder is based on Custom Fields and allows to create content using included blocks, items and much more. If you faced an issue that content made with builder does not save, no matter what, you have to create phpinfo.php page and check if the following limits are correct:
  • Minimum version of PHP required by WordPress is 7.
  • memory_limit should be minimum 128MB (the more plugins you use, the more memory you need).
  • max_input_vars should be 5000 or even 10000. Many BeTheme users have default 1000 limit and it is enough but in some cases, especially when you build pages with large amount of content, this value have to be increased.
  • max_execution_time in many cases is set to 30. Like above, in many cases works fine but in some it has to be increased to minimum 180.
  • SUHOSIN extension in specific cases, have to be disabled as it might solve the problem with saving content.
  • In some cases, disabling ZendOpcache is solution for above issue.

Please note that both, MASTER and LOCAL limits have to be increased in some cases.

If you are using the Wordfance plugin, it is likely causing this issue.

Go to the Wordfance firewall settings, activate learning mode, open the page with this problem, update it, and activate Protection again. These steps are also described here:


Thanks to that, Wordfance will learn which actions are safe and stop blocking page updates.

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