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How to change url path in BeBuilder?

Whenever you migrate site, it might be necessary to change url paths inside BeBuilder. The content of this builder is encoded due to security reasons and if you want to change its paths in database, you need to use Muffin Content Builder Migrate Tool. Within this extra tool, you may change paths for images or media stuff contained around the website. This tool has been created as plugin and has to be used same way as any WP plugin. How to use it?
  1. Download plugin - you can download it by clicking this link.
  2. Install - this tool can be installed exactly same same way as any other 3rd party WP plugin. Therefore, go to Plugins > Add new section, click Upload, browse for the already downloaded file above and click Install Now button.
  3. Activate plugin - after installation process, you will be asked if you wish to activate plugin. Thus, please click Activate plugin and it should be ready to use now.
When 3 steps above are complete, please
GO TOTools > Mfn CB Migrate Tool
section and change paths from old one to the new.
Quick Tip!

It is important to use an absolute paths for both, old and new urls. Depends on protocol set, each link should start http:// or https://
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