How to put extra content or banner next to the logo?

If you want to add an image or some text in the header area of the website, next to the logo, you can use the banner area.

GO TO WP Admin > Betheme > Theme Options > Header & Subheader > Extras
banner area theme options

The Banner area can handle simple HTML code like links, headings, paragraphs or images. You will not be able to use Javascript, PHP, or CSS inside this field.

The Banner area inside the header only appears in certain header types:
  • Creative header

    Suggested image size: 250px x 250px - field is shown below the menu - see example here
    This applies to header: Creative, Creative Right, Creative: Always open, Creative Right: Always open.

  • Magazine header

    Suggested image size: 468px x 60px - field is shown in the top right corner of the header - see example here

To change the header type for your website:
GO TOWP Admin > Betheme > Theme Options > Header & Subheader > Header
banner headers theme options
Quick Tip!

Custom header

If you want to modify the header area even more, you can do that by using our Header Builder plugin. It allows the user to create custom headers.
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