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How to remove empty space in header?

If you are having problems with any unwanted space above your content or in the header area, check out the two most common sources of this issue below.

1. Header Height

The space that you see in the image below is the header area which can have a background image, background color or it can also be removed. You can hide it using the Theme Options

GO TO WP Admin > Betheme > Theme Options > Header & Subheader > Header

Set the Height value to: zero

page header area space example

Example of Minimalist option turned OFF

Height value

Theme options Minimalist setting location

2. Content padding

By default the Content Padding option is turned on. It adds a space of 30px above your content. You can see how it looks like in the image below. You can turn it off in two places.

  1. Global

    You can remove or add the Content Padding globally. This is done using Theme Options.

    GO TO WP Admin > Betheme > Theme Options > Global > Advanced
  2. Local

    You can leave the Global option turned on, and disable the Content Padding just on individual pages. To do that, edit any page and scroll down to page options to see this option.

page content padding example

Content padding example


Global Content Padding in Theme Options

Page padding local

Content Padding in page options

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