How to set language icon in header?

Language icon (flag), you can see on one of the included pre-built websites, comes from WPML plugin (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin). Similar to cart or search icons located next to, languages are a part of the Right Top Bar.
Language icon in header
To display language switcher in header, next to the menu and other icons, you have to install WPML plugin first and configure languages you are planning to use. Afterwards, please go to Betheme > Theme Options > Header & Subheader > Extras > Top Bar Right section and make sure that bar is enabled.

If you like to change the style of language selector, you can easily change it with the option included into Betheme. To do this, go to Betheme > Theme Options > Header & Subheader > Extras > WPML and select one of the layouts from drop-down menu. You can choose between:
  • Flags in drop-down style
  • Native language name in drop-down style
  • Horizontal flags (language icons display one next to the other)
  • Horizontal language code (like: EN, US, etc...)
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