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How to use Backup & Reset?

What for the Backup & Reset tab is? This extremely useful feature helps you maintain site’s settings and options. You never knows, when something may go wrong and this is why this tab been made.
backup and reset
From this section, you can do three things:


If you already finished website and want to move it to another domain or just want to use exactly same theme settings for another site, you can easily export them from here. You can copy configuration as text, link or download to file. It depends on your needs only, which option you will choose.


If you already copied text/link or exported settings to file, you can import them by pasting the content from file or through the link.


This feature is especially useful if you want to clear all settings and restore them to default. Because this could be done with just one click, you will be asked for the security code in order to avoid any accidents.

Please, be very careful while using this tab as included features will overwrite all your existing options and settings. It is important to proceed with caution here and keep all the backups safely just in case.
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