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Missing images on pre-built website import

During pre-built websites import, you may face an issue where media (images or self hosted videos) are missing. There might be many reasons for this, but most often they are related to server-side limits. Therefore, we recommend that you check the following:
  • CHMOD for /uploads/ folder. The most common reason of missing media after demo import are wrong privileges for the directory where media are stored. Please make sure, this directory is writable. Otherwise, you will never be able to upload files.
  • Make sure, the server (the one that you want to import to), does allow the connection to our server, where the images are hosted. For that, you have to contact with your admin or hosting provider.
  • PHP limits. It is very important to make sure that your server does meet minimum requirements. You can check those limits under Betheme > Dashboard > System Status
  • Space on server. If machine, where you host site, does not have enough free space, media will not import.
  • WordPress Requirements. Please check if your server does meet WP requirements. You can check them in System Status tab as well.
  • Custom upload folder. Make sure, you do not use any custom folder for uploads but the default one.
If none of above helps, we recommend you to contact admin or hosting provider as it might be necessary to check server logs for the solution.
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