Why is the sidebar showing at the bottom? – Betheme Support Center

Why is the sidebar showing at the bottom?

In some cases, sidebars may display below the content instead of right or left. If this happened on your site, please check the following:
  • Blog page - make sure, you created the Blog page and assigned it for posts in Settings > Reading section.
  • Page/Post/Portfolio Options - when editing page, post or portfolio item, scroll down to Options section and make sure, you did not set Full Width. No sidebar layout.
  • Full width layout - check, if you did not forced Full width layout in Betheme > Theme Options > Sidebars section.
  • 3rd party plugins - if none of above is the reason, please disable all 3rd party plugins to check if one of them is not the culprit.
  • HTML errors - please check for errors in html mode. We recommend to use Firefox View Source (CTRL+U). Any highlights parsing errors are in red.

Archive (category) pages are closely related with their parent pages so if you if you did not set blog page correctly, all related pages like archive won't display correctly and the sidebar would display below.
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