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How to use own slider shortcode?

Sliders are one of the most popular features being used on websites. While, we do have options for the most popular plugins, Slider Revolution and Layer Slider, some wants to use their own sliders instead.
Slider shortcode can be used in two ways: as a part of the header or in the content.
In the first case, to put the slider shortcode in header, instead of Slider Revolution, for specific page, please scroll down to Page Options > Media while editing existing page or creating a new one. You will find there, text input field, named Slider Shortcode. All you have to do is get the shortcode from the slider plugin you use and paste into this field.
slider shortcode in page options
If you want to use the slider in the content instead, you have to use the same shortcode as above but in the item that parse shortcodes, like Column.
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