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how to create & manage a blog page

4 hours agoHow to Create and Manage a Blog Page?

how to manage hooks

1 week agoHow to Manage Hooks?

how to use the events calendar

1 week agoHow to use The Events Calendar with Betheme?

how to build forms with contact form 7 and betheme

3 weeks agoHow to Build Forms with Contact Form 7 & Betheme?

how to customize pre-built sliders

3 weeks agoHow to Customize Pre-Built Sliders?

how to customize the footer

4 weeks agoHow to Customize the Footer?

how to set up a child theme with betheme

1 month agoHow to Set Up Child Theme with Betheme?

how to manage footer widgets

1 month agoHow to Manage Footer Widgets?

how to use mega menu feature

1 month agoHow to use Mega Menu?

how to install and update bundled plugins

1 month agoHow to install and update bundled plugins?

how to create sidebars and manage them

1 month agoHow to create sidebars and manage them?

how to create a simple slider

1 month agoHow to create a simple slider?

how to create custom buttons

1 month agoHow to create custom buttons?

Why is the sidebar showing at the bottom?

how to build a custom header

1 month agoHow to build a custom header?

how do i link and anchor on the same page

1 month agoHow do I link an anchor on the same page?

How to display Posts or Portfolio items from a given category?

how to create a page page site

2 months agoHow to create a one-page website?

How to use own slider shortcode?

How to create page with Shop categories list?

How to customize CSS based on screen size?

How to use “Call To Action”?

After updating, make sure to clear all caches

Google Analytics code does not work

how to install and update betheme

2 months agoHow to install & update BeTheme?

YouTube or Vimeo video does not work.

Missing images on pre-built website import

How to change default copyright in footer?

How to activate auto-slide for slider?

Can I use stock images from pre-built website?

how to import pre-built websites

2 months agoHow to import pre-built websites?

How to set background image for header?

How to set language icon in header?

How to display cart icon in header?

purchase code registration

2 months agoWhere to find and register purchase code?

Images in header are not responsive

500 Internal Server Error

Video does not play

Custom HTML does not save

How to display content in popup?

How to create PHPINFO.PHP page?

Why Muffin Builder content does not save?

How to speed up my site?

Is demo compatible with Elementor?

How to create simple slider with images?

How to display sidebar above the content on mobile?

How to update plugins bundled into BeTheme?

“oops… Slider with alias [slider-name] not found.” error

Can i use one license for different subdomains?

How to remove “Buy now” button?

How to migrate website?

How to use elements from different demos?

“The package could not be installed. The package contains no files.” error

How to install demo sliders using Revolution Slider?

how to set up the blog and portfolio pages

3 months agoHow to set up the Blog and Portfolio pages?

muffin builder guided tour

3 months agoMuffin Builder Guided Tour

how to use widgets

3 months agoHow to use widgets?

how to use page options

3 months agoHow to use Page Options?

how to use muffin options

3 months agoHow to use Muffin Options?

betheme guided toour

3 months agoBeTheme Guided Tour

“Registration limit exceeded” error

Google Maps not working



how to install betheme via ftp

3 months agoHow to install BeTheme via FTP?

How do I link an anchor on the same page?

How do I get PSD for specific pre-built website?

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

Where is my purchase code?

How do I register/de-register license key?

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